Window Products

High Performing Products

At Bavarian Polymers, we take pride in providing our clients with high performing off-the-shelf window and door systems. By focusing only on window and door extrusions, we can guarantee our clients will receive the finest products created using the latest machinery, technology and know how. All extrusion dies are made of a special grade stainless steel, which allows a smoother flow, consistent product quality, and maximum product endurance. With the latest equipment, technology and high quality raw materials available at our Dickson, Tennessee facility, we have the capability to run any extrusion die on any extrusion line or strand, at any time.

Door Products

Top Quality Product

When you partner with Bavarian Polymer for your door profile and extrusion necessities, you will appreciate our top quality products and efficient production process. With multiple production capabilities and product customization opportunities, our clients have peace of mind knowing that the team at Bavarian Polymers will provide a sturdy and reliable product every time.

Custom Products

Quality Custom Products

In addition to our off-the shelf window and door profile systems, Bavarian Polymers produces custom products for our customers. Our loyal and hardworking team uses highest quality raw materials and extrusion processes to ensure that all our products meets and exceeds your expectations.