Window Products

At Bavarian Polymers, we take pride in providing our clients with high performing off-the-shelf window and door systems. By focusing only on window and door extrusions, we can guarantee our clients will receive the finest products created using the latest machinery, technology and know how.


All extrusion dies are made of a special grade stainless steel, which allows a smoother flow, consistent product quality, and maximum product endurance. With the latest equipment, technology and high quality raw materials available at our Dickson, Tennessee facility, we have the capability to run any extrusion die on any extrusion line or strand, at any time.

Standard Color Program

The standard color program at Bavarian Polymers includes white, tan/beige and clay. In addition, we offer acrylic coatings on our profiles to guarantee that even the darkest of colors perform.


Plus, our in-house profile wrapping with exterior grade multilayer film offers our distinguished customers with a variety of wood grains and colors. On top of it all, our multilayer film has proven capabilities of

Profile Wrapping

Bavarian Polymers also provides profile wrapping capabilities for our door profiles and extrusions. We offer clients a wide range of wrapping options including solid colors and wood grain textures.

Residential Single Hung

New Construction and Replacement

Residential Double Hung

New Construction and Replacement

Residential Casement

New Construction and Replacement

Commercial Windows

New Construction and Replacement

Window Systems

3500 Double Hung with 8000 Series SH Profiles

4000 Series Single Hung and Slider Window Brochure

6000 Series Single Hung Window Brochure

7000 Series Single Hung Window Brochure

8000 Series Single Hung Window Brochure

8500 Series Single Hung Window Brochure

9500 Series Double Hung Window Brochure

Bavarian Aspekt Casement and Awing Windows Brochure